We have the tools, experience, and most importantly the refined attention to detail required to handle any repair or modification on the AR15/M4 platform. We aren’t a do-all shop where you can send in your 1911 or shotgun. This isn’t by necessity, but by choice. Trajectory Arms’ mission is to provide the best services for this platform that you can find any where in the industry.

We understand that you can buy the tools and handle many repairs on your own. We provide much better value for your money by rolling our extensive knowledge and keen eye for the smallest details together into our services.

In a time where the vast number of manufacturers are making components for the AR platform, tolerance stacking and improper quality control processes lead to failures right out of the box. Our inspection, repair, and modification processes all take this into account and allow us to find and fix issues before any permanent modifications are done.

Our comprehensive Assembly and Inspection service included everything needed to get your rifle back up and running. Any additional, non required services can be done on their own, however they may receive bundle discounts of up to 25% when combined with the Assembly and Inspection service.

Our shop is capable of many custom projects including:

Packaged inspection services are available and come with a full breakdown of what was checked and repaired. This can be done to baseline new weapons or to identify potential issues on well used guns before they happen. Packaged inspection services include a 10% discount on most parts or additional modification services.

You may purchase various services in the store or by contacting if you need something listed that isn’t listed. We strive to keep lead times as short as possible, but because of our policy of doing things right the first time, this timeline can vary.